Hard Drive Data Recovery in a Clean Room

There are various types of breakdown that can lead to data loss in hard drives. The most common form of damage is logical damage that leads to data loss. Hence, it is because of different reasons including power failure, virus attacks, etc. Thus, that stop the file system to write to the storage media. This pollutes the data present on the storage media, even leading to harsh data loss. Thus, this data can recover using professional data recovery software by the user itself.


But in case of physical damage done to the hard drive, using a data recovery software would not help. Because of the hard drive includes various mechanical parts. Thus, any damage parts would need an expert to fix it and recover all the data. This needs the hard drive to open, which is only possible in the cleanroom data recovery. Together with, cleanliness is a critical cause in data recovery as any pollution can make the data unworkable. That is why almost all data recovery center equip with professional clean rooms.


This is not a new concept of the clean room or it is just used for hard drive data recovery. Hence, it applies to different fields of the owner’s research. It is useful in giving a sanitized surrounding free of pollutants like dust. As well as, aerosol particles, airborne microbes, and chemical vapors.


Due to its wide range of application, clean rooms are classified broadly under different categorize. It specifies the number of particles allows within a cubic meter of air. In some cases, the particles are about 0.1-micrometer size and the arrangement test lie within the standards of ISO 14644-1.


But for data recovery at least a Class 5 cleanroom needs in ideal condition. In this room can have the highest of 100,000 particles within a cubic meter. That means is very less as compared to the outside urban surrounding. Mainly, there are around 35 million particles per cubic meter in a common urban surrounding.


That is why you need to find or contact the hard drive recovery service near me. For a better fix of your hard drive. It is better to spend money on fixing the hard drive than to have DIY without sure of a good result.

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