A trusted professional data recovery company in South Florida for 15 years with an increasing list of customers. Our committed teamwork work around the clock in decrypting, analyzing, and preventing loss and damage of the hard drive. Also, we offer an affordable data recovery service cost. Our team is an expert in doing their job with a perfect solution for each problem. If they bring their computer to our shop they will have a 100% customer service. We give a free evaluation for every hard drive problem. The reason for the evaluation The intention of the assessment is to know how complicated the damage and cost link with the recovery. Each damage is different from others and we can only know the cost of recovery after proper assessment.


The founder of the website is Daniel Lewis in 2009 with other friends.

They start this company to help people in individual who cannot afford the expensive cost of data recovery. And also, they create a room that will surely give a safe solution for the hard drive. Most of the client are students from the school near the shop. We give advice to them how they take care of their hard drive. And also, our big client is a company that is endorsed by other customers.


Hence, with our online service, we provide data recovery blog. That will help our viewers more knowledge on how they themselves solve their own hard drive problem. We have a step by step instruction on how to fix their own recovery data. But there is a list that they cannot fix the hard drive by themselves and they need professional data recovery. That is the time they need to make an appointment in our company and they will receive a schedule on when they can come to our office.